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During the early 19th century there was only limited demand for glass bottles & jars since most goods were sold in bulk by general stores out of barrels, pottery jugs, wooden boxes, burlap sacks, and the like.

Most people also lived off the land and had limited need for glass bottles; they also lacked the resources to pay for such luxuries.

— One popular theory about the Paleolithic cave paintings proposes that sites were chosen based on the acoustics in the caves.

The originators of the theory reported a causal connection between the ...

— Archaeologists have revealed that cloth samples found in the Israeli desert present the earliest evidence of plant-based textile dyeing in the region. — Skeletal evidence shows that, hundreds of years after the Roman Republic conquered most of the Mediterranean world, coastal communities in what is now south and central Italy still bore distinct ...

— It is likely to be one of the oldest prosthetic devices in human history: Together with other experts, Egyptologists have reexamined an artificial wooden big toe. — DNA found at archaeological sites reveals that the origins of our domestic cat are in the Near East and ancient Egypt.

The invention of some closures correspond to certain finishes and a closure may be adapted to old finishes; or both the finish and closure are invented together (Berge 1980).Along with its popularity, stage theater construction evolved greatly between the ancient Greek and Roman periods. — Ancient mitochondrial DNA from the femur of an archaic European hominin is helping resolve the complicated relationship between modern humans and Neanderthals. — In 2014 archaeologists discovered the previously unknown Viking fortress at Borgring south of Copenhagen.Since then the search has been on to uncover the life, function, destruction and, not least, ...The coin was found near the Sorek River, which was the border between the ancient Israelite and Philistine territories 3,100 years ago. Stated differently, the story of Samson was not the literary invention of a sixth-century B. scribe living in Babylon, as has commonly been assumed by mainstream biblical scholarship.Bunimovitz and Lederman made another interesting discovery: the Philistine side of the river was littered with pig bones, while there were none on the Israelite side. Another would be to see it as evidence of the Israelites' sense of being set apart from their pagan neighbors.

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has come a long way from its origins as a tale about persecution and the dangers of systemic oppression.

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Dedicated to verified college students and alumni (via education database). Alumni cannot initiate or respond to contact or post status updates.

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lastly, i seen this dude who made the shirts advertise on youtube. Get your skin ready for it's spring show, by conditioning while moisturizing with Boj Oil.

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Census records for England and Wales from 1841 to 1911 are also available online () via the links in the table below.

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